Frequently Asked Questions

Using Goldengate Security Key

How do you enroll your fingerprint to the Goldengate security key?

There are two different ways to enroll fingerprints: Microsoft OS and Goldengate BioManager™ application 

How many fingerprints can I enroll?

A total of 3 fingerprints can be enrolled on each key.

How many resident keys do Goldengate keys hold?

Goldengate keys can hold over 100 resident keys.

What should I do if the key is locked?

For security reasons, Goldengate security key will automatically lock if the registered fingerprint fails 15 times in a row. If the "RED" light is turned on the device, please run Goldengate BioManager™ and enter the PIN code to unlock the device.

Can I reset the security key to factory setting?

Factory Reset can be done through Goldengate BioManager™. After installing Goldengate BioManager™, click the Factory Reset button and re-insert the device. Next touch the sensor within 10 seconds. You can refer to the Goldengate Security Key Manual page 18 for details.

What happens if my key is lost or stolen?

Best practice is always to ensure that you register more than one security key. Most web sites that accept FIDO2 or U2F allow you to register more than one key. This gives you a back up should you lose a key.


Supported Platform · Environment

Which OS does Goldengate BioManager™ support?

Goldengate BioManager™ supports Windows7, Windows 10, and macOS (10.10.x or higher)

Can I use Goldengate security key with Windows PC, Mac?

Yes, Goldengate security key works with Windows PC, Mac. Moreover it also works with Linux, Chromebook, and Android.

Which web browsers do you support?

Goldengate security key works with all major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.

Which major online services are available that support FIDO2?

Most major online service providers support/implement FIDO2 certification. Currently, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft, GitHub, Dropbox, Twitter, Login.gov etc. provide FIDO authentication service.

Goldengate Security Key Features

Can I login to Microsoft Azure Active Directory(AD) using my security key?

Goldengate security keys fully support Microsoft Azure AD. It can be used to sign into Azure joined Windows PC whether you are online or offline/airplane mode.

Can I use my security key in place of other vendor’s U2F key?

Goldengate security keys are now available on a variety of operating systems and platforms that offer U2F and FIDO2 certification services. Therefore, Goldengate security keys can be used wherever U2F or FIDO2 is supported.

Can I use the security key on different computers?

Sure! Goldengate Security key is a roaming authenticator. It can be used in conjunction with more than one user device supported USB port.

Is my fingerprint data stored in the computer during enrollment process?

Goldengate security key stores scanned and encrypted fingerprint data in the special secure storage called TrustZone®. The stored data can never leave the key, even during registration or authentication.

How to enroll the fingerprint to the Goldengate series security key?

There are two different way to enroll the fingerprints : Microsoft OS and Goldengate BioManager™ application.


Which certification level do you have?

Goldengate security key is the world’s first authentication device to achieve FIDO2 Level 2 security certification by satisfying secure operating environment requirements by the FIDO Alliance.

What is the difference between FIDO Certified Authenticator Level 1 and Level 2?

FIDO2 Level 2 are certified with the evaluations for physical security and operating environment besides Level 1 security requirements. It also requires the strength of the cipher 112 bit and more, key protection and Random Number Generator. Visit FIDO Alliance for more information.

Who should I contact if I have some technical questions or want to resell your product?

Please send email to shop@pointblank.de

Can I use my security key without enrolling the fingerprint in U2F environment?

In U2F environment, using the security key without enrolling the fingerprint allows anyone with my security key access to my account. Therefore, this is NOT recommended. If you want to securely protect your account, simply register your fingerprint according to the enroll fingerprint procedure then touch the fingerprint sensor on the key to complete the login and access the account.

Do you support Windows Hello login option?

Not at this time. We are working to provide Windows Hello login option shortly. Note that currently, Goldengate security key can be used to sign into Microsoft Azure joined Windows PC.

Is my fingerprint image stored in the computer during the enrollment process?

Goldengate series security key stores the scanned and encrypted fingerprint data in the secure storage area. The stored data never leaves the key, even during registration or authentication.


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